Sunday, 3 December 2017

Download WriteCode IMEI Tool V1.3.6

Download WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6 to write and read IMEI on MediaTek powered smartphones, tablets and feature phone easily.

Download WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6

Features of WriteCode

  • Can easily write and read IMEI on MediaTek devices.
  • Can flash dual IMEI for dual-SIM card MediaTek devices.
  • Can write IMEI without database files.
  • Can write BSN database and RF database.
  • Can read Calibre database.
  • Free software.

Download WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6

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  • File Name:
  • Alternative Name: WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6.
  • File Size: 4.98MB.
  • File type: application/x-zip-compressed.
  • File extension: zip.
  • Compatible with Windows Computer.


{1} See your IMEI number. Do so by dialing *#06#.

{2} Credits. WriteCode IMEI tool is created, optimized, developed and distributed by AGold Communication (Shanghai).