Tuesday, 21 November 2017

MTK Droid Tools (MTKDroidTools v2.5.0)

MTK Droid Root & Tools (MTK Droid Tool) is a software that's designed to help Mediatek chipset users repairing the IMEI due to lost, invalid and null.

MTK Droid Tools V2.5.0

MTK Droid Tools features

  • Repair Mediatek IMEI. This tool can help you repair your Mediatek IMEI.
  • Root ability. Since this tool require root access then this tool is providing root your Android.
  • Free to use. This tool is free and that means no need to pay for anything.

  • MT6592. 
  • MT6582. 
  • MT6589T. 
  • MT6589T. 
  • MT6577.
  • MT6575. 
  • MT6572. 
  • Any version in modern MTK CPU.

Download MTK Droid Tools v2.5.0

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  • File name: Mtk_Droid_Tool_v2.5.0.zip.
  • File type: .zip.
  • File Size: 9.6MB.



{#} Malware alert. If you are being alerted when unzipping the file, do not be worry, because inside the zip file there is a file called pwn and this is the file detected as malware while it's not. It is the file to root your device. If it's deleted then you can root your device and repair your Mediatek IMEI.

{#} How to use? In case you don't know how to use this tool, then please to learn it on the dedicated page called how to use MTK Droid Tools.

{#} Credits. MTK Droid Tools is created and distributed by Mediatek Inc, so all the credits should be given to the company.