Download Kingroot v5.3.0 APK

Download Kingroot v5.3.0 apk to root your Android without computer. Using KingRoot to root your Android smartphones and tablets is very easy, all you need just download, install the apk to your device and then open the app and click on Root button.
Download Kingroot

KingRoot features
  • One-click root. The rooting processes using KingRoot is pretty simple and fast, just click the Root button on the app and you are all set.
  • Purify. With purify you can uninstall pre-installed system apps, block auto start app, clear cache and to save your battery.
  • Internet connection needed. KingRoot needs internet connection because it is trying to find the best root tool to root your Android.
  • Free to use. KingRoot is a free app to be downloaded and used.

Download KingRoot Download Kingroot v5.3.0 apk

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  • File name: KingRoot 5.3.0 apk.
  • KingRoot version: v5.3.0.
  • File size: 20.27MB.
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi.
  • MD5: f45e8248fcba9d30808982747662d96d.
  • Supports: Android 2.2 until Android 6.1.


Important notes

Supports. KingRoot only supports Android 2.2 until Android 6.1 versions.

Warranty nullification. Your Android smartphones and tablets's warranty will be nullified because of rooting.

Credits. KingRoot is created, optimized, developed and distributed by KingRoot studio therefore all credits should be given to the company.

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